ehm. I apologize. I am very bad with my blog. especially during the Summer, as you have probably noticed. I realized that it is months that I do not post anything. I will try to catch up. now.
first of all I put some pictures from CRACK.
this year I really enjoyed. I shared the cell with Claudia, Marika and Ombretta. we had a very nice time together. here you are some pictures.
set up n.1
set up n.2

this year we had also a press!
ombretta's corner
marika's cat
claudia's corner
my corner

as you can see, I finally succeded in painting something on a wall. my fox was facing Claudia's woman. they both were riding their bikes. they met on the wall's edge. face to face.

I made a little raccoon. it was stuck on the wall, at the end of the gallery. in a collective composition.

now I am looking for the next edition. hopefully, we'll meet soon for organizing.

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