back to black. daily morning sketches in black and white. black pen on paper.



ages since I updated my blog last time. sorry. I keep on being bad in this.
I try to catch up now. first of all here you are some etching works I made in December and January at school (scuola di arti ornamentali di S. Giacomo).


now in my etsy shop there is 2017 calendar!! here you are some pics.
reserve one for you and your friends before they all are sold.



I just updated my Etsy shop. you can find some nice gifts for any occasion there. have a look!


my catalog of oil abstract painting is ready. now I must look for a gallery.


I keep on catching up with things I did in Summer. today I am posting drawings from the Summer courses for children in Scuola Internazionale di Comics.
it took place the whole month of July, twice a week. it was the third year I thaught there. great experience, great drawings. I love teaching kids.


a small preview of pictures you will find in the page 'inside the artist's studio', in Astound website.
shots by Francesca Nesci (thanks Fra).

ehm. I apologize. I am very bad with my blog. especially during the Summer, as you have probably noticed. I realized that it is months that I do not post anything. I will try to catch up. now.
first of all I put some pictures from CRACK.
this year I really enjoyed. I shared the cell with Claudia, Marika and Ombretta. we had a very nice time together. here you are some pictures.
set up n.1
set up n.2

this year we had also a press!
ombretta's corner
marika's cat
claudia's corner
my corner

as you can see, I finally succeded in painting something on a wall. my fox was facing Claudia's woman. they both were riding their bikes. they met on the wall's edge. face to face.

I made a little raccoon. it was stuck on the wall, at the end of the gallery. in a collective composition.

now I am looking for the next edition. hopefully, we'll meet soon for organizing.