'brucia' - movable types for the cover title 
I just realized a new project for the courses 'Xilografia' e 'Progettazione grafica tipografica' kept by Marina Bindella @ Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma.
It is an artist book inspired to a big fire that distroyed the forest in the Dolomities last October. 
Each illustration is made by superimposing two or three different linoleum matrices. 
The cover is handcoloured with a handmade ink and printed with movable types.
I hope I will soon find a way to show it somewhere from real.

'brucia' - the cover is ready

'brucia' - the smoke in the wood, inside page
'brucia' - the fire, inside page

'brucia' -  the paper for the cover is drying in the sun


Crack 2019 - etching and digital prints
From 20th to 23rd June I was @ Crack with my prints.
I brought some prints taken from 'Il minipimer della nonna', some etchings, softground and woodcut prints too.
Thanks to all the friends who came and say 'hi' and everyone who bought and appreciate my work.

Crack 2019 - my prints on the wall

Crack 2019 - there are some woodcut prints too


'il minipimer della nonna' - text composition

'il minipimer della nonna' - text printed!

'il minipimer della nonna' - drying text
'il minipimer della nonna' now has a new text, completely hand composed and printed (thanks to Atelier Insigna!).
Now it is finally ready to go to Foggia @ Rigorosamente libri, Quarta Rassegna Biennale del Libro d'artista, Galleria della Fondazione dei Monti Uniti, Via Arpi, 152.
8 June - 10 July 2019
Thanks also to Laura Anfuso for inviting me to take part to this event.


wip - cutting small paper sheets for printing
wip - trying different kinds of paper
wip - maybe I found the right one!
I started this new etching project @ Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma.
Here you are some wip pictures about printing and choosing the right paper, just to excite curiosity.
I will show you more later on. Stay tuned.


litography - printing @ Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma

litography - printing time @ Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma

litography - printing time @ Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma
Finally printing my drawing with electric press @ Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, in class 016 bis.
I love delicacy of calcareous stones.


clairepas, etching on paper and zinc plate

clairepas, etching on paper
I just finished this etching for an artist book with other artists of Scuola d'Arte e dei mestieri di San Giacomo. 
Thanks to Elisabetta Diamanti and Maria Pina Bentivenga who invited me. 
The textes in the book are written by the poet Claudio Claudi and there will be an exposition soon. Stay tuned.


yesterday at Libreria Tuba. a very nice talk with Michela and Giovanna. thanks to everyone who came! here you are some pictures.
talking @ Tuba with Sarah, Giovanna and Michela

'il minipimer della nonna', zinc plate and print
exposition in Tuba


clairepas - il minipimer della nonna

clairepas - il minipimer della nonna
Il minipimer della nonna (Granny's blender) is an artist book I made a couple of years ago. 6 handprinted etchings from zinc plates.
there will be a small exhibition at Tuba bazar, Pigneto, Roma.
vernissage on 1st March at 7 p.m.

there will be a talk with Michela Becchis and Giovanna Ranaldi, the illustrator of Il bosco la ragazza il lupo. we were very pleased to talk with them about Giovanna's book and Cappuccetto Rosso a couple of weeks ago at Tuba.
this will be the second part.

frames are ready. prints too.
today I am going to print some postcards too.

I am waiting for you all to come.

* thanks to Elisabetta Diamanti and Maria Pina Bentivenga, my intaglio teachers from Scuola di arti e mestieri di san giacomo; the printers Giancarlo Busato and Valerio from Stamperia d'arte Busato where I printed my work; my friend Barbara who shared with me the whole idea of the project. and Tuba of course.


clairepas - calendar 2019
just to remind you that my 2019 calendar is ready, if you want a copy for you or to give someone as a present, there are some ready. email me:


Anna Levine is the author of 'All eyes on Alexandra', the last picture book I illustrated for Kar-Ben Publisher that came out on August 2018.
In the Interview by Nicole Pyles Anna wrote very nice words about my work, and I discovered we are very similar in our creative process.

I think the way she 'enters' the reality she is going to write about is very similar to my way of getting closer to things when I start working on a new project. For example, if I have to draw trees, I go to the park and start sketching trees from real. It is like her pulling her boots and hat on :)
Of course she describes this much better than me in her post, so take a few minutes of your time, have a look and read!
Thanks Anna for your work, and writing these things about my illustrations.
clairepas - from 'All eyes on Alexandra'


december is coming but we are not afraid of wind, rain and cold.
calendar 2019 is ready.
you will find animals doing amazing and relaxing activities.
they will stay with you all year long so that you'll keep on mind that you have to enjoy life and take your time. 
if you want to reserve a copy or more infos you can email me:
here you are some months.
clairepas - calendar 2019, January

clairepas - calendar 2019, May

clairepas - calendar 2019, October


clairepas, coloured pencil and pen drawing, November 2018
a new experience started. I have enrolled at Academy of Fine Arts, here in Rome.
let's see what happens. if I discover new worlds.
meantime, I draw.


my friend Alexandra Miletta some days ago wrote very nice words about me in her blog. have a look.
our friendship growing up through years. thanks Andra.


Yesterday I was at Link Campus University all day long with Penelope Filacchione to set up the space for my first solo oil painting exhibition. 
It will be part or RAW and here you are some pictures of the location. 
But if you come next Monday for the vernissage you'll see the paintings live, and there will be a video too.
(scroll down in the previous post for more info about time and address).

clairepas, morfologie musicali, Link Campus University, RAW 2018

clairepas, morfologie musicali, Link Campus University, RAW 2018
clairepas, morfologie musicali, Link Campus University, RAW 2018


next Monday there will be the vernissage of my first solo abstract painting exhibition.
the exhibition is included in RAW.
from 22nd to 27th October.
Link Campus University, via del Casale di San Pio V, Roma.

VERNISSAGE 22nd October at 6 p.m.
do not miss.


finally the time of official publication has arrived. from 1st August Alexandra is flying everywhere! you can buy it online or.. in bookstores if you live in the US :)

All eyes on Alexandra, Levine Pasqualotto, Kar-Ben 2018 - cover
All eyes on Alexandra, Levine Pasqualotto, Kar-Ben 2018 - interior page
All eyes on Alexandra, Levine Pasqualotto, Kar-Ben 2018, interior page
All eyes on Alexandra, Levine Pasqualotto, Kar-Ben 2018, interior page
All eyes on Alexandra, Levine Pasqualotto, Kar-ben 2018, interior page


Tuesday I was at Stamperia d'arte Busato planning a workshop with Giancarlo and printing this new artist book with animals. 
I made the planches at Scuola d'Arte e dei Mestieri di San Giacomo. 
As usual, it was great time there. Thanks Giancarlo and Valerio!

ready for printing my planches.

Valerio inking the planches.

mouse is ready to be printed.
book is dried and folded!


Finally my new book 'All eyes on Alexandra' is published!
From August 1st you will find it in US book shops, and of course you can buy it online.
It has been great to look for pictures of cranes last Summer, when I was working on it, to sketch them end to go into the book athmosphere.
Thanks to Anna Levine for the nice text. I loved Alexandra's desire of independence, her rebel feeling and her detemination.
here you can find a nice review by Kirkus.
There is also a new FB page where you can find everything about the book (reviews and bookshop presentation appoinments).
And here I put a couple of interior illustrations just for you.
Chiara Pasqualotto - Anna Levine, 'All eyes on Alexandra', Kar-Ben Publisher 2018, title page

Chiara Pasqualotto - Anna Levine, 'All eyes on Alexandra', Kar-Ben Publisher 2018, pages 4-5


getting ready for Crack2018: yesterday morning I hand-printed (with a wooden spoon) some linoleum and woodcut in black and white. here you are some pictures.
Of course you will find digital prints in colors and some intaglio ones too.
come and look for me!
from 21st to 24th June
7:00 pm - 2:00 am
@FortePrenestino, Centocelle, Roma