the school year is finished also for our engraving course, and like every June we are going to show you what we have done.
here you are a preview of our exhibit.
it will take place from 20th to 26th, in Via di San Giacomo 11, Rome, from 4 to 8 pm. we are waiting for you. come!


my work at Scuola di arti ornamentali San Giacomo is going on. the year is almost finished and we are getting ready for the Open Days and the final exposition. stay tuned.

trees, softground

trees1, softground

rain, etching

deer, etching
rain1, etching


last Monday I was at Stamperia d'arte Busato working all day. Signing and numbering prints, watercolouring litographies, and printing with Valerio.
printing foxes and fawns - softground and drypoint plates

printing foxes and fawns
watercoloring litographies

watercoloring litographies


my book 'Valentina libera tutti' published by Terra Nuova is starting to go around... here you are my FB page, so that you can easily follow what is going on: reviews, interviews and presentations.


ETCHING - I keep on working with etching at Scuola di Arti Ornamentali San Giacomo. some days ago I printed some in colors. here you are the first results. thanks to my teachers Maria Pina Bentivenga and Elisabetta Diamanti.
the plate with ink before printing
very pale orange tones...
...and darker tones
comparing black with brownish/bleu tones


back to black. etching - my love. 
growing black and white shapes on paper.
work in progress.


my new book with Terranuova is finally ready.
you can get your copy here.
of course if you want a signed copy I will be happy to meet you.
I will tell you if there will be presentations somewhere too.
here you are the cover and a couple of inside illustrations.



I am so happy that my school has started again at the beginning of February!
the Scuola di arti ornamentali San Giacomo is really a magic place.
I am finally back to printing!
here you are some animals I just started for a new project.
work in progress. stay tuned.
fawn - soft ground and drypoint

wolf - soft ground and drypoint

fox - soft ground


Stamperia d'arte Busato in Vicenza is really a wonderful place.
it smells old paper and ink and it is full of great artists' work: etchings and litographies are everywhere and you can walk among different printing presses and heavy litography stones.
I am grateful that Giancarlo let me try litography.
It has been such a great experience!
Here you are some steps.
I also printed some of my etchings - thanks to Valerio, such a great and experienced printer!

etching plates ready to get printed
litography - step 1
litograpy - step 2
litography - step 3


This July I was teaching drawing at Scuola internazionale di Comics in Padova.
I had a lot of fun with children...
here you are their little hands happily painting with watercolors, one of the last days of school!



My new book with cranes is growing...
here you are some finals.
work in progress of course.
stay tuned!



Yes, I have been there this year too. But this time I shared the cell with other three artists: Croma, Enact and Marta Cavicchioni. It was a lot of fun, we worked on our collective project (BYG) according to this year's project: COYOTA.
Here you can read something more about BYG.
And here you are some pictures of our cell.

clairepas - linocut prints
croma - ostinate

enact - women and stickers

marta cavicchioni - animals and animalwomen
goddess backstage...

marta cavicchioni - cat
clairepas - linocut and woodcut print corner
clairepas corner
the Goddess


Recently I have been very busy and I did not put any post here.
That is also because I have opened my FB page, and I started to put things there more than here in the blog.
But now I will catch up!

Here you are some pictures I made at the final exibition of my school, the Scuola di arti ornamentali San Giacomo (you can follow our activities here).
The exhibit took place in our school, in Via San Giacomo 11, Rome, from Monday 19th to Friday 23rd June 2017: a lot of people passed by and could appreciate our work. It was good fun to explain them how we made everything.

I attended the school from December to June. I worked on etching and drypoint especially.
These pictures are different works made by my classmates and me during the school year.
Of course thanks a lot to our wonderful teachers Elisabetta Diamanti and Maria Pina Bentivenga!

clairepas and ambra filomarino

caterina giannottu

nanni riccobono
nicola finamore

alessandra monoriti
tullia and nanni riccobono
caterina giannottu

ambra filomarino