Recently I have been very busy and I did not put any post here.
That is also because I have opened my FB page, and I started to put things there more than here in the blog.
But now I will catch up!

Here you are some pictures I made at the final exibition of my school, the Scuola di arti ornamentali San Giacomo (you can follow our activities here).
The exhibit took place in our school, in Via San Giacomo 11, Rome, from Monday 19th to Friday 23rd June 2017: a lot of people passed by and could appreciate our work. It was good fun to explain them how we made everything.

I attended the school from December to June. I worked on etching and drypoint especially.
These pictures are different works made by my classmates and me during the school year.
Of course thanks a lot to our wonderful teachers Elisabetta Diamanti and Maria Pina Bentivenga!

clairepas and ambra filomarino

caterina giannottu

nanni riccobono
nicola finamore

alessandra monoriti
tullia and nanni riccobono
caterina giannottu

ambra filomarino

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